The Top 5 Most Expensive Cities in the World 2006

  City Country Cost of Living Index Rank 2005
1 Moscow Russia 123.9 4th
2 Seoul South Korea 121.7 5th
3 Tokyo Japan 119.1 1st
4 Hong Kong SAR of China 116.3 9th
5 London United Kingdom 110.6 3rd
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Sources:  Mercer Human Resource Consulting Cost of Living Survey.

List Notes: The Mercer survey takes into consideration such factors as: food at home, domestic services, alcohol and tobacco, utilities, household supplies, food away from home, health and personal care, transportation, clothing and footwear and sports and leisure. Note: The index is based on cost of living expressed in US dollars. Therefore, if the dollar weakens against the local currency of a city, the city becomes more expensive and moves up the index, even if prices expressed in local currency remain the same or go down.
Most Expensive Cities in the World 2006

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