The Top 5 String Bean Producing Countries

  Country String Bean Production % of World Total
1 United States of America 830,262 m/t 44.0%
2 France 304,505 m/t 16.1%
3 Morocco 154,633 m/t 8.2%
4 Philippines 119,503 m/t 6.3%
5 Mexico 115,000 m/t 6.1%
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Sources:  FAOSTAT data, 2016 (last accessed by Top 5 of Anything: June, 2016).

List Notes: String bean production is in metric tonnes (m/t) for the year 2013 (latest year for which statistics are available as of June, 2016). This top 5 list may include official, semi-official or estimated data gathered on string bean production by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
String Bean Producing Countries

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