The Top 5 Largest Polished Diamonds in the World

  Diamond Carats Estimated Value Cut by Current Location
1 The Golden Jubilee 545.67 ct $12 -14 million Gabi Tolkowsky in 1985 Crown Jewels of Thailand
2 The Cullinan I 530.20 ct $400 million The Asscher Brothers in 1905 British Crown Jewels
3 The Incomparable 407.48ct $20 million Leo Wins in the 1980`s Diamond Dealer, USA
4 The Cullinan II 317.40ct $200 million The Asscher Brothers British Crown Jewels
5 Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond 312.00ct N/A Diamond cutter at De Grisogono Central African Republic
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Largest Polished Diamonds in the World

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