The Top 5 Countries with the Highest Consumption of Spirits

  Country APC (see list notes)
1 Republic of Moldova 10.94 litres
2 Réunion 8.67 litres
3 Russian Federation 7.64 litres
4 Saint Lucia 7.27 litres
5 Dominica 7.20 litres
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  1. Alcohol is consumed by large proportions of adults in most countries around the world. Though not causing signifi cant problems for most drinkers, alcohol use is associated with numerous negative consequences for the drinker and society at large. Globally alcohol causes 3.2% of all deaths or 1.8 million deaths annually and accounts for 4.0% of disease burden. Many of these deaths are the result of injuries caused by hazardous and harmful drinking. Of the total number of alcohol-attributable deaths, 32.0% are from unintentional injuries, and 13.7% are from intentional injuries. This means that about half of the deaths attributable to alcohol are from injuries.
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Sources:  WHO Global Status Report on Alcohol 2004

List Notes: Data is recorded adult per capita (APC) in litres of pure alcohol for that specific beverage type(spirits). Data is for the year 2004.
Countries with the Highest Consumption of Spirits

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