The Top 5 Global Coffee House Chains

  Coffee House Chain
Global Sales 2012 Number of Coffee Houses
1 Starbucks
(Seattle, USA)
$13,30 billion 18,066
2 Dunkin´ Donuts
(Canton, USA)
$6,90 billion 10,479
3 Tim Hortons
(Oakville, Canada)
$6,47 billion 4,264
4 Panera Bread
(Sunset Hills, USA)
$3,86 billion 1,652
5 Costa Coffee
(Dunstable, UK)
$1,44 billion 2,527
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Sources:  Various including: Haskin. M., Maze. J., Nawrocki, A., Sheaffer. D. Franchise Times. (2012). "Top 200 Franchise Systems"., Starbucks Annual Report 2012-2013, Whitbread Annual Report 2012-2013.

List Notes: Data is Top 5 coffee house style cafés ranked by global sales in U.S. dollars for the year 2012. Number of coffee houses includes corporate and licensed units.
Global Coffee House Chains

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