The Top 5 Longest Steel Arch Bridges in the World

  Bridge Location Length of Main Span in Metres
(in feet)
Year Completed
1 Chaotianmen Bridge China
552 m
(1,811 ft)
2 Lupu Bridge China
550 m
(1,804 ft)
3 New River Gorge Bridge United States
518 m
(1,699 ft)
4 Bosideng Bridge China
513 m
(1,683 ft)
5 Bayonne Bridge United States
(New York City)
504 m
(1,650 ft)
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Sources:  Laboratory of Bridge Engineering: University of Helsinki.

List Notes: Data is the top 5 longest steel arch bridges (construction completed) ranked by length of main span in metres. Bridges are ranked according to the length of their main span which is the length of suspended roadway between the bridge towers (please note: this does not mean the total length or overall length of multi-span bridges). List last updated January 2015.
Longest Steel Arch Bridges in the World

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