The Top 5 Countries that Consume the Most Coffee (bags)

  Country Coffee consumption 2011
(in 60kg bags)
% of World Total
1 United States 22.0 million bags 17%
2 Germany 9.4 million bags 7.8%
3 Japan 7.0 million bags 5.8%
4 France 5.9 million bags 4.6%
5 Italy 5.6 million bags 4.5%
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Sources:  International Coffee Organization (2012). "Trends in coffee consumption in selected importing countries". Please visit the source here

List Notes: Data is Top 5 countries that consume the most coffee in millions of bags for the year 2012. Coffee consumption data is in 60kg bags of processed roasted coffee (not green bean).
Countries that Consume the Most Coffee (bags)

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