The Top 5 Twentieth Century Wars with the Most Military Deaths

  War Date Military Deaths
1 World War II 1939 to 1945 25,000,000 +/-
2 World War I 1914 to 1918 9,000,000 +/-
3 Second Sino Japanese War 1937 to 1941 4,500,000 +/-
4 Korean War 1950 to 1953 741,000 +/-
5 Nigerian Civil War 1967 to 1970 500,000 +/-
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  1. Had Japan not surrendered during world war two, the Allies would have possibly implemented "Operation Downfall" a planned assault on Japan. One military planner estimated that as many as seven atomic bombs would have been ready for detonation for the invasion, which was scheduled for November 1, 1945. Had this plan been realized the number of dead and wounded of WW2 would have been much more than appears on this list.
  2. Russian soldiers killed eight out of every 10 Germans that died in WWII.
  3. As of February 22nd, 2010, there are only 3 official world war 1 veterans alive in the world today.
  4. 16 Nations sent forces to fight in the Korean War. It is also called "the Forgotten War" because it occurred right after World War II and right before the Vietnam War.
  5. The Nigerian civil was lasted for thirty months and was fought between the Federal Government and Biafra. Biafra lost.
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List Notes: Deaths are estimates.
Twentieth Century Wars with the Most Military Deaths

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