The Top 5 Source Countries for Foreign Tourist Visits to the United States

  Country Tourist Visits Percent Change
(from 2010)
Percent Share of Total Visitor Volume
1 Canada 21.34 million + 7% 34.0%
2 Mexico 13.49 million 0% 21.5%
3 United Kingdom 3.84 million 0% 6.2%
4 Japan 3.25 million - 4% 5.2%
5 Germany 1.82 million + 6% 2.9%
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 Special Report
  1. Canada improved its position as the leader in arrivals to the United States, due to a 7% increase from 2010, setting a second-straight record. Through December, visitor volume had increased for 26 consecutive months. The increase of 1.4 million visitors in 2011 was-by far-the largest of any visitor origin country. Canada accounted for a 34.0% share of 2011 visitor volume, a record high.
  2. Mexico visitor volume ticked up ever-so-slightly in 2011. However, visitor volume remains down 836,000 from the 2007 record of 14.3 million. As usual from this market, monthly performance throughout the year produced no discernible patterns. Mexico accounted for a 21.5% share of 2011 visitor volume.
  3. United Kingdom visitor volume to the United States was also down slightly in 2011. The 2011 decline was small, but built on the large 15% drop in 2009 and the small decline in 2010. Following a solid recovery from the volcano induced declines in April 2010, monthly performance tailed off the rest of the year. Visitation remains well below the 2000 record of 4.7 million. The U.K. accounted for a 6.2% share of 2011 visitor volume.
  4. The March tsunami and its aftermath spoiled the optimism for the return of this key market created by 2010's 16% increase. Monthly performance improved throughout the year after May and was nearly positive the final three months of the year. Visitor volume remains well below the 1997 record of 5.4 million visitors. Japan accounted for a 5.2% share of 2011 visitor volume of tourist visits to the United States.
  5. The 2011 performance of tourist visits from Germany continues the "up-and-down" trend seen over the past 11 years as visitation has declined five times and increased six times, including in 2011. Monthly performance throughout 2011 reflected a similar lack of defining trend. The 2011 visitation level remains below the record 2.0 million set in 1996. Germany accounted for a 2.9% share of 2011 volume.
Top 5 facts sources:
  1. Office of Travel and Tourism Industries. (2012). Report: Top 10 International Markets: 2011 Visitation and Spending. Retrieved: July 13th, 2012.
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Sources:  Office of Travel and Tourism Industries report: Top 10 International Markets, 2011 Visitation and Spending.

List Notes: Data is top 5 foreign tourist visits by country to the united States for the year 2011. Percent change is from the year 2010.
Source Countries for Foreign Tourist Visits to the United States

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