The Top 5 Types of Fruit Sold in the United States

  Type of Fruit Percentage Sold World's Largest Producer
1 Bananas 59% India
(30 million tonnes)
2 Apples 52% China
(39 million tonnes)
3 Strawberries 48% China
(2.9 million tonnes)
4 Grapes 47% China
(13.3 million tonnes)
5 Watermelon 46% China
(62.8 million tonnes)
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Sources:  The Packer: Fresh Trends, 2020 and

List Notes: 
Data is the top 5 most bought/ consumed types of fruit in the United States for the year 2019. Data is latest available as of September, 2020. Fruit production data is for the year 2018, which is also the latest available data as of September, 2020.
Types of Fruit Sold in the United States

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