The Top 5 Countries with the Largest Areas of Frontier Forest

  Country Area of Frontier Forest (km2) Area of Frontier Forest (mi2) World Percentage
1 Russia 3,448,000 1,331,280. 26
2 Canada 3,429,000 1,323,944 25
3 Brazil 2,284,000 881,857 17
4 Peru 540,000 208,495 4
5 Indonesia 530,000 204,634 4
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 Special Report
  1. Almost half of the Earth's original forest has been destroyed, mostly during the last three decades.
  2. Between 1990 and 1995, the net forest loss equaled 33 football fields per minute (112 600 square kilometers annually).
  3. 40% of the forests on Earth qualify as frontier forests
  4. 70% of the world's remaining frontier forests are in Russia, Canada and Brazil.
  5. 39% of Earth's remaining frontier forest is threatened by logging, agricultural clearing and other human activities.
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Sources:  World Resources Institute, Food and Agriculture Organization of

List Notes: *The term "frontier forest" refers to large, ecologically intact and relatively undisturbed natural forests which are likely to survive indefinitely without human assistance.
Countries with the Largest Areas of Frontier Forest

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