The Top 5 Largest Cities in South America

  City Country Population Population Density
1 Buenos Aires Argentina 13.08 million 15,066 persons per km^2
2 São Paulo Brazil 10.38 million 5,182 persons per km^2
3 Lima Peru 8.00 million 14,093 persons per km^2
4 Bogotá Colombia 7.34 million 13,899 persons per km^2
5 Rio de Janeiro Brazil 6.25 million 3,854 persons per km^2
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Sources:  Thomas Brinkhoff: The Principal Agglomerations of the World, city,

List Notes: Population density is persons per square kilometer and is for the principal city only (numbers do not include metropolitan areas). Data updated by Top 5 of Anything: March 2010.
Largest Cities in South America

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