The Top 5 Companies with the Most Functional Food Sales

  Company Functional Food Sales Growth in 2004
1 PepsiCo U.S. $4.55 billion 6%
2 General Mills $1.39 billion 3%
3 Kellogg $1.27 billion 4%
4 Coca-Cola $1.12 billion 9%
5 Kraft $1.10 billion 1%
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Sources:  Nutrition Business Journal

List Notes: Functional food or medicinal food is any fresh or processed food claimed to have health-promoting and/or disease-preventing properties beyond the basic nutritional function of supplying nutrients. Functional foods are also sometimes called nutraceuticals, a blend of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical, and can include food that has been genetically modified. Some examples of functional foods: Omega 3 eggs, fortified yogurts, nutrition bars and drinks etc. Data is for 2004.
Companies with the Most  Functional Food Sales

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