The Top 5 Best Selling Global Pharmaceutical Drug Companies 2010

Global Sales (2010) Percent Change Best Selling Drug (2010)
1 Pfizer
(New York, USA)
$58.5billion +28.9% Lipitor
($10.7 billion)
2 Novartis
(Basel, Switzerland)
$42.0billion +9.2% Diovan/Co-Diovan
($6.1 billion)
3 Sanofi-Aventis
(Paris, France)
$40.3billion - 4.1% Lantus
($4.7 billion)
4 Merck
(Whitehouse Station, USA)
$39.8billion + 58.0% Singulair
($5.0 billion)
5 Roche
(Basel, Switzerland)
$39.1billion + 4.1% Avastin
($6.8 billion)
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Sources:  Pharm Exec report 2011: The Pharm Exec 50

List Notes: Sales are global sales in US dollars for the year 2010. Percent change is from the year 2009. List is ranked according to global human prescription drug sales. Generics and vaccines are included in the ranking; over-the-counter products, royalties, and contract manufacturing are not. In most cases, figures are taken from annual reports or SEC filings for the fiscal year that ended in 2011.
Best Selling Global Pharmaceutical Drug Companies 2010

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