The Top 5 Countries That Eat the Most Cashews

  Country Per Capita Consumption
(kgs pp/py)
Total Consumption
(meteric tonnes)
1 United Arab Eremites 1.04 9,999 m/t
2 Germany 0.62 51,405 m/t
3 Beligium 0.60 6,888 m/t
4 Netherlands 0.50 8,464 m/t
5 The United States 0.46 151,087 m/t
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Sources:  International Nut and Dried Fruit Council. (2021). "Nuts & Dried Fruits Statistical Yearbook 2019/2020."

List Notes: Data is the top 5 countries that eat or consume the most cashews in the world. Cashew consumption is in metric tonnes for the year 2018 and is the latest data available as of January 2021. Per capita consumption of cashews is in kilograms per person, per year (kg pp/py).
Countries That Eat the Most Cashews

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