The Top 5 Countries with the Most Paid Paternity Leave

  Country # of Weeks Paid Paternity Leave Average Payment Rate
1 Korea 53 weeks 30.7%
2 Japan 52 weeks 58.4%
3 France 28 weeks 20.2%
4 Luxembourg 21 weeks 39.8%
5 Portugal 19 weeks 54.2%
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Sources:  OECD Stat: “Summary of paid leave entitlements for fathers"

List Notes: Data is the top 5 OECD countries with the most paid paternity leave. Paternity leave is understood as leave that can only be used by the father and cannot be transferred to the mother (in which case would be considered "parental leave"). The "average payment rate" refers the proportion of previous earnings replaced by the benefit over the length of the paid leave entitlement for a person earning 100% of average national earnings. Data is for the year 2015.
Countries with the Most Paid Paternity Leave

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