The Top 5 Deadliest Years for Journalists

  Year Number of Confirmed Journalists Killed
1 2009 72 journalists killed.
2 2012 70 journalists killed.
3 2007 69 journalists killed.
4 1994 66 journalists killed.
5 2004 60 journalists killed.
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  1. According to Reporters without boarders, 86 journalists and 20 media assistants were killed, at least 887 were arrested, 1,511 physically attacked or threatened, 67 kidnapped and 528 media outlets were censored in 2007.
  2. Reporters without boarders figures show (more than one organization gathers and publishes data) at least 86 journalists were killed around the world in 2007. The figure has risen steadily since 2002 - from 25 to 86 (+ 244%) - and is the highest since 1994, when 103 journalists were killed, nearly half of them in the Rwanda genocide, about 20 in Algeria's civil war and a dozen in the former Yugoslavia.
  3. 135 journalists were in prison around the world on 1 January 2008 and the figure has hardly shrunk for several years. Those freed are immediately replaced by new journalist prisoners. At least 887 were arrested in 2007, mostly in Pakistan (195), Cuba (55) and Iran (54).
  4. 2009 was the deadliest year for the media ever recorded by CPJ. The toll was driven by the election-related slaughter of 32 journalists and media workers in the Philippine province of Maguindanao, the worst event for the press in CPJ history.
  5. According to the Brussels-based International News Safety Institute (INSI), over one thousand journalists were killed over the last ten years as a result of their work. Nine out of ten murderers of journalists between 1996 and 2006 were not prosecuted, making the killing of journalists a cheap, easy and virtually risk-free method of silencing critics. Only one in four journalists died in war and other armed conflicts during that period and at least 657 men and women were murdered in peacetime - reporting the news in their own countries.
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Sources:  CPJ Committee to Protect Journalists

List Notes: Last updated by February, 2013. Data is number of journalists killed "Motive confirmed". The Committee to Protect Journalists investigates the death of every journalist to determine whether it is work-related. CPJ consider a case "confirmed" only if they are reasonably certain that a journalist was murdered in direct reprisal for his or her work; was killed in crossfire during combat situations; or was killed while carrying out a dangerous assignment such as coverage of a street protest. The CPJ database does not include journalists killed in accidents such as car or plane crashes. Please note: uses CPJ data as a source here, however more than one organization gathers and publishes data.
Deadliest Years for Journalists

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