The Top 5 Countries With The Longest Network of Roadways

  Country Roadways (km) Roadways (miles)
1 United States 6,465,799 kms 4.017.661 miles
2 India 3,316,452 kms 2.060.747 miles
3 China 1,930,544kms 1.199.584 miles
4 Brazil 1,751,868 kms 1.088.560 miles
5 Japan 1,196,999 kms 743.780 miles
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  1. The country with the shortest roadway network is the nation of Tuvalu, an island in the South Pacific with only 8 kilometers of (paved) roadways.
  2. The longest national highway in the world, continuous point to point, is the Trans-Canada Highway at 7,821 kilometers (4,857 miles) long. The longest national Highway in the world non-continuous, is Australia's highway 1 at at over 20,000 kms (12,427 miles) long.
  3. There are an estimated 32,345,165 kilometers (20,098,353 miles) of roadways in the world today.
  4. In 2002, an estimated 1.18 million people died on the roadway networks of the world: an average of 3242 deaths per day. Road traffic injuries accounted for 2.1% of all global deaths, making them the eleventh leading cause of global deaths worldwide. In addition to deaths, an estimated 20 million to 50 million people are injured in road crashes each year.
  5. Over the next 50 years, annalists predict that we will see the the first underground and above ground automated high networks. Possibly as early as 2020 or as late as 2040-2050 in a more pessimistic analysis, we will begin to see special, above-ground lanes with markings that allow our increasingly intelligent cars to self-pilot over long distances. This type of system would have enormous benefits for traffic congestion, safety and emissions.
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Sources:  CIA World Factbook, WHO report: World report on road traffic injury prevention

List Notes: This list gives the total length of the road network and includes the length of the paved and unpaved portions. Data Dec 2009.
Countries With The Longest Network of Roadways

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