The Top 5 Leading Causes of Death for Females 15 to 29

  Cause of Death Female Deaths
1 HIV/AIDS 529,360
2 Tuberculosis 108,158
3 Maternal hemorrhage 59,456
4 Abortion 38,788
5 Lower Respiratory Infections 36,571
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  1. By the end of 2005, women accounted for nearly half of all people living with AIDS worldwide, and represent almost 60% of infections in sub-Saharan Africa. New studies underscore the disproportionate impact of the AIDS epidemic on women, especially in sub-Saharan Africa where, on average, three women are HIV-infected for every two men, however among young people (15–24 years), the ratio widens considerably to three young women for every young man.
  2. Over 900 million women, mainly between the ages of 15 and 44, are infected with TB world-wide. Tuberculosis affects women mainly in their economically and reproductively active years, thus the impact of the disease is also strongly felt by their children and families. About a third of the world's population, or around 2 billion people, carry the TB bacteria but most never develop the active disease. Around 10% of people infected with TB actually develop the disease in their lifetimes, but this proportion is changing as HIV severely weakens the human immune system and makes people much more vulnerable.
  3. Worldwide, it is estimated that 529,000 women die every year from complications of pregnancy and childbirth; about one woman every minute. 99 percent of these deaths occur in developing countries, where a woman's lifetime risk of dying from pregnancy-related complications is often 45 times higher than that of her counterparts in developed countries.
  4. Abortion-related deaths are rare in countries where abortion is legal, where abortion services are easily accessible, and where the procedure is performed early in pregnancy by skilled health care professionals. In countries where abortion is illegal, upper and middle income women living in cities are frequently able to obtain safe abortions, however many women living in poor and rural areas often try to end their own pregnancies or turn to unskilled practitioners which can lead to complications and/or death. Of the 600,000 women who die each year from pregnancy-related causes, an estimated one in eight die of complications from abortion. Abortion-related deaths are hundreds of times more common in Latin America and Africa than in developed countries. Studies show that levels of maternal death and illness due to abortion have fallen dramatically in countries that have liberalized their abortion laws. Survey data shows that the global case fatality rate associated with unsafe abortions is probably 700 times higher than the rate associated with legal induced abortion in the United States; in some regions it is well over 1,000 times higher. Even in developed regions, this rate is 80 times higher for an unsafe abortion than for a legal abortion procedure.
  5. More than half of the world's population rely on dung, wood, crop waste or coal to meet their most basic energy needs. Cooking and heating with such solid fuels on open fires or stoves without chimneys leads to indoor air pollution and exposure is particularly high among women and children. In most societies, women are in charge of cooking and - depending on the demands of the local cuisine - they spend between three and seven hours per day near the stove, preparing food. 59% of all indoor air pollution-attributable deaths thus fall on females. Every year, indoor air pollution leads to Lower Respiratory Infections and is responsible for the death of one person every 20 seconds.
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Sources:  WHO report: Injury, a leading cause of the global burden of disease 2000.

List Notes: All Statistics are reported deaths for the year 2000. This WHO study combines mortality and health data from national vital registration systems with information obtained from surveys, censuses,epidemiological studies and health service data.
Leading Causes of Death for Females 15 to 29

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