The Top 5 Costliest Tropical Storms (hurricanes) in U.S. History

(states affected)
Financial Cost Human Cost Storm Category/Date
1 Tropical Storm Katrina
(FL, LA, MS)
$108.0 billion 1,200 deaths Category 3, Aug, 2005
(winds 111-130 mph)
2 Tropical Storm Sandy
(20 states)
$50+ billion 185 deaths Category 2, Oct, 2012
(winds 96-110 mph)
3 Tropical Storm Ike
(LA, FL)
$29.5 billion 74 deaths74 deaths Category 2, Sept, 2008
(winds 96-110 mph)
4 Tropical Storm Andrew
$26.5 billion 26 deaths Category 5, Aug, 1992
(winds 155+ mph)
5 Tropical Storm Wilma
$21.0 billion 22 deaths Category 3, Oct, 2005
(winds 111-130 mph)
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Sources:  National Weather Service National Hurricane Center Miami, Florida: NOAA Technical Memorandum NWS NHC-6.

List Notes: Data is in U.S. dollars and is not adjusted for inflation. Please note: death toll includes countries other than the United States affected by the tropical storm in question.

*Please note that as of September 2017, the rankings on this list may change as concrete (and trustworthy) data becomes available for the tropical storms that are affecting the U.S. at this time.
Costliest Tropical Storms (hurricanes) in U.S. History

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