The Top 5 Foods With The Highest Levels of Trans Fats

  Food Use Trans Fats
(per 100 Grams)
Saturated Fat
(per 100 Grams)
1 Shortening
(partially hydrogenated)
Used for baking and confections 43 grams 19 grams
2 Oil: Vegetable, Soy
(partially hydrogenated)
Used for all purpose 34 grams 25 grams
3 Oil: Vegetable, Palm,Soy
(partially hydrogenated)
Used for icings and fillings 31 grams 28 grams
4 Oil: Soy, Cottonseed
(partially hydrogenated)
Used as a tortilla shortening 30.8 grams 26 grams
5 Margarine: Non-dairy, Cottonseed, Soy Oil Used for for flaky pastries 25 grams 20 grams
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Sources:  Top 5 of Anything research including the USDA.

List Notes: Data is The Top 5 foods with the highest levels of trans fats found in food.
Foods With The Highest Levels of Trans Fats

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