The Top 5 Cities with the Most Expensive Public Transportation in the World

  City Price
(for bus, tram, or metro)
Average Hourly Salary
(for 15 professions)
1 Oslo, Norway $5.12 (per ticket) $97.4 per hour
2 Copenhagen, Denmark $4.88 (per ticket) $93.4 per hour
3 Zurich, Switzerland $4.66 (per ticket) $132.4 per hour
4 Stockholm, Sweden $4.52 (per ticket) $78.1 per hour
5 London, England $4.70 (per ticket) $75.2 per hour
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Sources:  UBS. CIO Wealth Management Research: A comparison of purchasing power around the globe, 2012.

List Notes: Data is the price of an evening meal (three-course menu with starter, main course and dessert, excluding drinks) including service in a good restaurant. Prices and wages are in U.S. dollars for the year 2012. Average hourly salary is for 15 professions, weighted according to distribution; net after deductions of taxes and social security contributions (Please note: wage comparisons always come with a degree of uncertainty, as it is extremely difficult to collect reliable data on income in some cities).

The occupations used for salary comparisons were: Bus driver, Car mechanic, Call center agent, Financial analyst Engineer, Cook (Chef de Partie), Bank credit clerk, Product manager, Secretary/personal assistant, Female sales assistant, Primary school teacher, Department manager, Female factory worker, Construction worker, Skilled industrial worker.
Cities with the Most Expensive Public Transportation in the World

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