The Top 5 Global Candy Making Companies

  Company Net Sales Employees Factories
1 Mars Inc.
(Virginia USA)
$18,48 billion 35,000 70
2 Mondelez International
(Deerfield USA)
$14,35 billion 100,000 171
3 Ferrero Group
(Piedmont, Italy)
$10,91 billion 24,800 20
4 Nestlé SA
(Vevey, Switzerland)
$10,46 billion 330,000 447
5 Meiji Co. Ltd
(Tokyo, Japan)
$9,81 billion 10,943 7
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Sources:  Candy Industry: “2015 Global Top 100 Candy Companies".

List Notes: Sales figures are in U.S. dollars for the year 2014. Number of employees and factories can vary over time and these figures are gained from the companies annual reports, web-pages etc and should be used to acquire an overall idea of the size of the companies workforce and installations in general terms. List last updated by Top 5 of Anything March 05, 2016.
Global Candy Making Companies

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