The Top 5 Source Countries of Illegal Immigrants in the United States

  Source Country Illegal Immigrants Living in the U.S.
1 Mexico 6,640,000
2 El Salvador 620,000
3 Guatemala 520,000
4 Honduras 330,000
5 Philippines 280,000
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  1. In summary, the number of illegal immigrants living in the United States in January 2010 was 10.8 million, the same as in January 2009, but down from 11.8 million in January 2007. Between 2000 and 2010, the illegal immigrant population grew by 27 percent. Of all illegal immigrants living in the United States in 2010, 39 percent entered in 2000 or later, and 62 per-cent were from Mexico. (a.)
  2. Of the 10.8 million illegal immigrants in 2010, 4.2 million (39 percent) had entered the United States on January 1, 2000 or later. An estimated 1.0 million (9 percent) came to the United States between 2005 and 2009 while 3.2 million (30 percent) came during 2000 to 2004. Forty-three percent came to live in the United States during the 1990s, and 19 percent entered during the 1980s. (a.)
  3. An estimated 8.6 million (80 percent) of the total 10.8 million illegal immigrants living in the United States in 2010 were from the North America region, including Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. The next leading regions of origin were Asia (1.0 million) and South America (0.8 million). Between 2000 and 2010, the greatest increase in the unauthorized population occurred among natives of the North American region (2.5 million). The greatest decline occurred among natives of Asian countries (0.2 million). (a.)
  4. The number of Mexican-born illegal immigrants increased by 2.3 million between 2000 and 2007 and decreased by 340,000 between 2007 and 2010. Changes in the unauthorized population were much smaller during either period for other leading source countries. (a.)
  5. California remained the leading state of residence of the illegal immigrant population in 2010, with 2.6 million. The next leading state was Texas with 1.8 million unauthorized residents, followed by Florida with (760,000). California's share of the national total was 24 percent in 22010 compared to 30 percent in 2000. (a.)
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a. Hoefer, M. , Rytina, N. , Baker, BC. "Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States: January 2010" Retrieved June 17th, 2012.    
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Sources:  U.S. Office of Immigration Statistics 2011

List Notes: Data is country of birth of the unauthorized immigrant population in the United States for the year 2010.
Source Countries of Illegal Immigrants in the United States

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