The Top 5 Longest Wars Ever

  War Combatants Years Dates
1 Arauco War Colonial Spaniards and The Mapuche People 345 years 1536-1881
2 Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years War Netherlands and Isles of Scilly 335 years 1651-1986
3 The Hundred Years War England and France 116 years 1337-1453
4 Greco-Persian Wars House of Lancaster Greece and Persia 52 years 500 BC to 448 BC
5 Wars of the Roses/ 30 years war House of Lancaster and House of York/ Protestants and Catholics 30 years 1455 to 1485/ 1618-1648
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Sources:  Various

List Notes: It is difficult compile a list of the "longest wars" as experts themselves disagree. Often what is considered to be one continuous war is actually a series of wars spread out over time.
Longest Wars Ever

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