The Top 5 Baseball Teams with the Most World Series Wins

  Team World Series Wins Years in League
1 New York Yankees 27 120
2 St. Louis Cardinals 11 129
3 Boston Red Sox 9 120
4 Los Angeles Dodgers 7 131
5 Athletics/ Giants/ Pirates/ Reds 5 120/ 138/ 134/ 131
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Babe Ruth: The Man Who Changed Baseball, and possibly even all of Sport, Forever

Between 1919 and 1924, no one dominated and changed a national sport, or sany sport for that matter, more than George Herman "Babe" Ruth did with American baseball. The generation that lived to see and hear him play are now almost gone, and younger generations may not realize the impact that Babe Ruth had on sport, and indeed, on an entire nation. His .690 career slugging percentage will almost certainly never be broken and many of his baseball records still stand to this day. He was also one of the best pitchers to have ever played the game of baseball. He was one of a kind and it is doubtful that we will ever see a sportsperson like him again.

Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore Maryland on February 6th, 1895, at a time in American history where the infant mortality rate was astonishingly high. Housing in an industrial city like Baltimore was crowded, unsanitary, and often unheated. Diseases were rampant, were not treated at all, or were simply untreatable. Children among the working class at that time were frequently undernourished, susceptible to deadly diseases, and were either living in poverty or on the edge of poverty and they died in the thousands. So many infants died in the first year of birth in the late 1800's, that many babies were not even named by their parents until they reached the age of one. This was the type of world that George Herman Ruth Jr. was born into, and his family, like many families at that time, suffered the terrible consequences. Tragically, out of eight children, six of his brothers and sisters would die in childhood. Exactly how they died, is seemingly lost to history and completely overshadowed by the success of the life of the brother that lived.

As a boy, Babe Ruth grew up in a rough and tumble area of Baltimore called "Pig Town". His father was a bar owner or "saloon" owner as bars or taverns were called in those days. Ruth's father, George Herman Ruth was in many ways, an absent father, as most working fathers were during that time in history. As the story goes, a great deal of the senior Ruth's time was likely consumed with the day to day running of the business rather than the raising of his children, which to be fair, would have been a luxury at that moment in American history. Ruth's mother, Catherine Schamberger, was chronically sick with tuberculosis and thus was not likely able to attend her two children either.

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List Notes: Data is the top major league baseball teams with the most World Series wins season ending 2020. "League" refers to the National League.
Baseball Teams with the Most World Series Wins

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