The Top 5 Countries with the Most Billionaires

  Country Number of Billionaires % Share of World Wealth
1 United States 326 29.91%
2 Russian Federation 112 0.50%
3 China 104 9.21%
4 India 50 1.50%
5 Germany 45 5.35%
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Sources:  Davies, J., Lluberas, R., Shorrocks, A. (2013). Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook. Please visit the source here

List Notes: Data is the Top 5 Countries with the most adults earning more than one billion dollars USD in 2012. Percentage of world wealth is the percentage of wealth for that particular country and includes all the wold's calculable wealth that country holds for the year 2013.
Countries with the Most Billionaires

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