The Top 5 European Countries with the Most Femicide

  European Country Total Femicide Femicide Rate
(per million population)
1 Germany 387 9,20
2 Turkey 334 9,47
3 England and Wales 195 7,73
4 Italy 169 5,64
5 Spain 115 5,15
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Sources:  Centro Reina Sofía para el Estudio de la Violencia. (2010). 3rd Annual Report: "Partner Violence against Women"

List Notes: Data is Top 5 European Countries with the highest "partner" femicide rates for the year 2006. For the purposes of this list violence against women is used in the domestic or family context and can be committed by many people (children, parents, etc.), however the perpetrators are usually partners or ex-partners. Femicide is defined as "the act of killing a female, as by a domestic partner or a member of a criminal enterprise, because of their gender." Data is latest data available as of April 2015.
European Countries with the Most Femicide

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