The Top 5 Countries with the Most Deaths by Shark Attack

  Country Shark Attack Fatalities Last Fatal Attack
1 Australia 202 2013
2 South Africa 53 2013
3 United States 47 2013
4 Brazil 25 2013
5 Brazil Papua New Guinea 24 2000
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  1. According to statistics compiled by the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History, Great white sharks are the most lethal to humans. Since 1876 there have been 254 confirmed non-provoked great white attacks on humans, 67 of which were fatal. Over the same period, tiger sharks have attacked people 83 times with 29 fatalities, and bull sharks have attacked 69 times with 17 fatalities. Great white attacks on humans generally involve just one bite. Researchers are not sure, but most think the shark's sensory organs quickly differentiate between humans and the blubber-rich seals it prefers, so it effectively bites and spits out humans. (a.)
  2. Despite the fear of sharks, bees, wasps and snakes are responsible for far more fatalities each year. In the United States the annual risk of death from lightning is 30 times greater than that from shark attack. There were more alligator fatalities (18 alligator fatalities) in the United States between the years 1948-2005 than there were shark fatalities (9 shark fatalities). (a.)
  3. Shark researchers jokingly refer to the bright yellow colour traditionally used in water safety flotation devices and rafts as "yum, yum yellow" because of a sharks ability to see contrast particularly well however there is no substantial proof that wearing yellow swim-wear will attract a shark attack. It is suggested however, that divers and swimmers may reduce the chance of an interaction with a shark by avoiding bright swim-wear or dive gear. Wearing jewelry should also be avoided because the glint of light reflecting off metal approximates the glint of light off the scales of fishes, the normal food items of most sharks. (a.)
  4. The strongest shark bite is considered to be to the dusky shark (Carcharhinus obscurus); its jaws have been measured to exert 132 pounds of force per tooth.
  5. Around the world more than 100 out of 400 shark species are being commercially exploited. Many of these shark species are so over-fished that their long-term survival can no longer be guaranteed.
Top 5 facts sources:
  1. George H. Burgess. (2010). Florida Museum of Natural History International Shark Attack File. Retrieved Dec 11, 2010.
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Sources:   Florida Museum of Natural History International Shark Attack File Dec. 2013, George H. Burgess., Taronga Consevation Society "Latest Figures", 2013.

List Notes: Data is confirmed shark fatalities between the years 1580-2013.
Countries with the Most Deaths by Shark Attack

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