The Top 5 Largest Non-Nuclear Explosions by Magnitude

  Event Date Yield in kilotonnes (kt) Yield in terajoules (TJ) Deaths
1 N1 Rocket Explosion 1969 July 3rd, 1969 7 kt 29 TJ N/A
2 Minor Scale and Misty Picture High Explosive Tests June 25th, 1985 and May 14th, 1987 4.8 kt 20 TJ 0
3 British Bang: Heligoland Islands April 18th, 1947 3.2 kt 13 TJ 0
4 Halifax Explosion December 6th, 1917 2.9 kt 12 TJ 2000 (approx)
5 Texas City Disaster April 16th, 1947 2.7 kt 11 TJ 581
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  1. The Texas City disaster was the deadliest industrial accident in US history.
  2. Minor Scale and Misty Picture were conventional explosions used to simulate the explosion of a small nuclear bomb.
  3. The British Royal Navy used the unihabited Heligoland Islands as a bombing range from 1945 to 1952.
  4. The Halifax Explosion was the largest man-made explosion of the pre-nuclear era. Railway dispatcher Vince Coleman is credited with saving many lives and is honoured as a hero in Canadian history. He died at his post while continuing to send out urgent telegraphs warning of the impending explosion.
  5. The N1 Rocket was the Soviet counterpart to the US Saturn V rocket. Its first stage is still the most powerful ever built. The poor reliability of the N1 Rocket was blamed upon its overly complex design.
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Largest Non-Nuclear Explosions by Magnitude

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