The Top 5 Countries with the Best Education Systems

  Country Overall Score Cognative Skills
(global rank)
Educational Attainment
(global rank)
Spending as % of GDP
1 Finland 1.26 1st 3rd 6.8%
2 South Korea 1.23 4th 1st 4.8%
3 Hong Kong (China) 0.90 3rd 17th 3.5%
4 Japan 0.89 5th 8th 3.4%
5 Singapore 0.84 2nd 33rd 3.5%
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Sources:  Pearson Education and the Economist Intelligence Unit report: (2012). "The Learning Curve.". Please visit the source here

List Notes: Data is for the year 2012. Cognitive Skills measures: PISA, TIMSS and PIRLS scores in Reading, Maths and Science. Educational Attainment measures literacy and graduation rates. Please note: it is often difficult to compare education systems between countries because of what is measured, how, and the data available. Top 5 of Anything considers the Person/Economic Intelligence Unit report to be one of the most comprehensive rankings on education available.
Countries with the Best Education Systems

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