The Top 5 Primary Sources of Energy in the United States

  Energy Source Amount Percentage of Total Energy
1 Natural gas 26.427 quadrillion Btu 30.36%
2 Coal 20.259 quadrillion Btu 23.27%
3 Crude oil 18.318 quadrillion Btu 21.04%
4 Nuclear power 8.329 quadrillion Btu 9.56%
5 Natural gas plant liquids 4.028 quadrillion Btu 4.62%
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Sources:  U.S. Energy Information Administration. (2015): Monthly Energy Review March 2015

List Notes: Data is top 5 primary sources of energy in the United States in Btu for the year 2014. Percentage of total is for all forms of energy produced in the United States and not just for the five shown. Btu is a traditional unit of energy equal to about 1055 joules. It is the amount of energy needed to cool or heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.
Primary Sources of Energy in the United States

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