The Top 5 Reasons Given for Speeding in the United States

  Reason for Speeding Percentage
1 I'm Late 35%
2 Emergency/Illness 31%
3 Not paying attention 10%
4 I never speed 8%
5 In a hurry 7%
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Sources:  U.S. Department of Transportation: National Highway Traffic Safety Association. (2011). Report: "2011 National Survey Of Speeding Attitudes And Behaviors."

List Notes: Data derived from a NHTSA survey in which respondents were asked: "on those occasions when you speed, what do you think are the main reasons you drive faster than the speed limit?" This was an open-ended question, i.e., choices were not offered to the respondent, and each respondent gave his/her own reasons.
Reasons Given for Speeding in the United States

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