The Top 5 Most Popular Contemporary Art Exhibitions in the World 2012

  Art Exhibition Daily Visits Total Visits Venue
1 David Hockney RA: a Bigger Picture 7,512 600,989 Royal Academy of Arts
(London, UK)
2 Antony Gormley: Still Being 6,909 271,443 Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
3 Monumenta: Daniel Buren 6,498 240,414 Grand Palais
(Paris, France)
4 Back to Art 5,259 832,382 Galleria dell'Accademia
(Florence, Italy)
5 Sanja Ivekovic: Sweet Violence 5,045 499,479 Museum of Modern Art
(New York, USA)
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Sources:  The Art Newspaper Section 2 Number 245, April 2013

List Notes: Data is the top 5 most visited contemporary art exhibitions for the year 2012. All figures were calculated automatically by computing the number of days an exhibition was open using the following formula: total number of days between start date and end date, divided by seven, multiplied by the number of days per week the institution is open, minus exceptional closures. Some exhibitions on this list were free to attend.
Most Popular Contemporary Art Exhibitions in the World 2012

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