The Top 5 US Schools with the Richest Graduates

  School Graduates on the Forbes 400 List Average Net Worth (2006)
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 6 $5.7 billion
2 Harvard University/University of Michigan 10/6 $4.8 billion
3 Yale University 14 $4.0 billion
4 Columbia University 4 $3.4 billion
5 Princeton University 9 $3.1 billion
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  1. Seven of the top richest college grads on the Forbes 400 list (Warren Buffett, Gordon Moore, S. Robson Walton, Helen Walton, Philip Anshutz, Sergey Brin, Larry Page) attended state university for their first degree.
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Sources:  Peter W. Bernstein, Annalyn Swan: All the Money in the World (ISBN-10: 0307266125)

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US Schools with the Richest Graduates

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