The Top 5 Countries with the Most Coronavirus Excess Deaths

  Country % of Excess Deaths Excess Deaths per Million Official COVID Deaths Total Excess Deaths
1 Peru 54% 403 3,024 12.881
2 Spain 45% 1,007 27,892 47.123
3 The United Kingdom 40% 910 36,475 60.447
4 Belgium 37% 758 8,656 8.665
5 Italy 36% 768 27,967 46.420
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  1. Excess mortality or "excess deaths" is a term used in epidemiology and public health that refers to the number of deaths above and beyond what we would have expected to see under "normal" conditions.
  2. To calculate "excess mortality" during a given period a country would look at the number of people who had died over this period, and compare it to the number a country or state would have expected to have died. However estimates of excess deaths can be calculated in a variety of ways, and will vary depending on the methodology and assumptions about how many deaths are expected to occur.
  3. Between March 1 and May 12, Spain, the second country on our top 5 list, recorded 43,295 more deaths than what would be considered normal for this time of the year, based on past mortality rates. This is up 52% from the expected deaths for the period.
  4. Excess deaths are calculated using a mathematical model that provides the number of expected deaths under normal conditions. There are typically spikes during heat waves or flu season. But the coronavirus crisis is eclipsing all previous events in Europe and worldwide.
  5. Between 16 March and 31 May, the latest comprehensive data available, the number of overall deaths in Peru was 87% higher than what would be expected in a normal year, according to BBC News analysis.
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Sources:  El Pais: “España es el país con el segundo mayor exceso de muertes durante la crisis del coronavirus"

List Notes: Data is the top 5 countries with the most excess COVID-19, Coronavirus deaths. Excess death statistics are excess deaths recorded during the period 1st of March to the 28th of May 2020 cpmpared with the same dates in 2019. Note: not all excess deaths during this time period can be attributed to Coronavirus, however at "excess deaths" is one of the best ways of determining the effect of the 2020 pandemic in relation to mortality.
Countries with the Most  Coronavirus Excess Deaths

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