The Top 5 Brightest Known Galaxies

  Galaxy Apparent Magnitude Distance From Earth
(light years)
1 Large Magellanic Cloud 0.91 170,000 ly
2 Small Magellanic Cloud 2.70 210,000 ly
3 Andromeda Galaxy 4.36 2.6 million ly
4 Triangulum Galaxy 6.27 2.8 million ly
5 Centaurus Galaxy 7.84 12 million ly
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Sources:  Various, Top 5 of Anything Research.

List Notes: Apparent magnitude (also known as "visual magnitude") is the factor used to measure the brightness of any celestial body as seen from Earth. That brightness is then normalized to eliminate the atmosphere. The brighter the object the lower its apparent magnitude (for comparison the apparent magnitude of the Sun is -26.74).
Brightest Known Galaxies

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