The Top 5 Most Popular Smartphone Apps in the World 2013

  Smartphone App Percent Accessed by Smartphone Owners
1 Google Maps 54%
2 Facebook 44%
3 YouTube 35%
4 Google+ 30%
5 Weixin/WeChat 27%
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Sources:  GlobalWebIndex digital media agency, 2013.

List Notes: Data is the top 5 most accessed apps by percentage of the world's smartphone owners over the second quarter of 2013. A smartphone is a mobile phone that includes advanced functionality beyond making phone calls and sending text messages. Most smartphones have the capability to display photos, play videos, check and send e-mail, and surf the World Wide Web. Modern smartphones, such as the iPhone and Android based phones can run third-party applications, which provides limitless functionality.
Most Popular Smartphone Apps in the World 2013

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