The Top 5 Best Selling Female Singers of All Time

  Music Artist Estimated Album Sales Genre
1 Nana Mouskouri 300 million +/- Pop
2 Rihanna 280 million +/- Pop
3 Madonna 275 million +/- Country/ Pop
4 Taylor Swift 215 million +/- Pop
5 Mariah Carey 172 million +/- Pop
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The Difficult Thing about Album Sales

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Sources: Research 2020.

List Notes:  Please note: it is almost impossible to accurately calculate album or song sales due to many reasons. One being that no single organization was, or is, officially calculating these numbers on a world-wide basis. That being said, T5OA research has compiled what we believe to be a reasonable list. These numbers include albums and singles.

Best Selling Female Singers of All Time

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