The Top 5 Deadliest Terrorist Attacks in Modern History

  Terrorist Attack Date Deaths Terrorist Type
1 New York City:
(World Trade Centre attack)
Sept 11th,
2,993 Islamic militant
2 Al-Qataniyah/ Al-Adnaniyah, Iraq:
(Simultaneous car bombs)
Aug 14th,
520 Islamic militant
3 Abadan, Iran:
(Cinema Rex fire)
Aug 20th,
422 Islamic militant
4 Beslan, Russia:
(school hostage taking)
Sept 1st-3rd,
385 Islamic militant
5 Irish airspace:
(Air India bombing)
Jun 23rd,
329 Sikh militant
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Sources:  Top 5 of Anything Research, 2016 including: University of Maryland: “Global Terrorism Database"

List Notes: Data is top 5 worst terrorist attacks in modern history. Death toll includes victims only and does not include the death of the perpetrator(s).

Please note: death toll statistics can be difficult to verify and therefore these numbers should be considered as a close estimate. The Top 5 of Anything does not attribute terrorist attacks to any particular religion but rather to organizations who may use religion as a means to achieve their political objectives. Terrorist attacks are considered to be non-military objectives which are perpetrated on civilians intending to cause mass casualties. Please note that other terrorist attacks have occurred that may be omitted from this list as data is difficult or impossible to verify such as attacks in Nigeria and Cameroon perpetrated by groups such as Boko Haram.
Deadliest Terrorist Attacks in Modern History

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