The Top 5 Credit Card Brands with the Most Worldwide Transactions

  Credit Card Brand Percentage of Global Transactions Total Transactions Growth from 2013
1 Visa 58% $112.91 billion + 10.1%
2 MasterCard 26% $51.52 billion + 13.6%
3 China Union Pay 10% $19.75 billion + 52.3%
4 American Express 3% $6.64 billion + 7.7%
5 Diners Club/ Discovery Card 1% $2.42 billion + 1.7%
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  1. In a survey titled "The Survey of Consumer Payment Choice," by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston in January 2010, there were 176.8 million credit cardholders in 2008 The same survey found that some 29 percent of poll respondents reported that they do not have a credit card, which was a more than 10 percent jump from the number of respondents who reported having no credit cards in June 2009. (a.)
  2. There were an estimated 37 million debit cards and 72 million credit cards in circulation in Canada in 2009. Canadian credit card debt hit $78 billion in September, up from $76 billion in September 2008, according to Equifax Canada. Canadians spent almost $267 billion on their cards in 2008. Ninety-day credit card delinquencies jumped 53 per cent between September 2008 and September 2009, hitting $3.6 billion. Among major cities, Toronto has the nation's highest delinquency rate (2.14 per cent) in October. The average national rate is 1.67 per cent. (a.)
  3. China had an estimated 1.8 billion debit cards and 199 million credit cards in circulation in 2009. Growth in the number of credit cards averaged just over 23% from 2004 to 2007, and then surged to nearly 93% in the first half of 2008. There were an estimated 130 million debit cards and 24 million credit cards in circulation in India in 2009. Between 2004 and 2007, outstanding credit card debt in India tripled. (a.)
  4. In the U.K There were an estimated 80 million debit cards in circulation in 2009 as well as 60.7 million cards in circulation at the end of November 2009, 69 percent of which had a balance outstanding. One in 12 households in London (or 8 per cent) have used credit cards to pay their mortgage or rent in the last 12 months. Across Great Britain, 6 per cent of households did the same, equivalent to more than one million people. Outstanding credit card balances stood at £63.5 billion in November 2009. That's higher than the previous month but nearly £3 billion lower than a year earlier. (a.)
  5. There were an estimated 36 million debit cards and 16 million credit cards in circulation in Australia in 2009. In 2009 the Reserve Bank of Australia stated that "figures show mortgage, credit card and personal loan debts now stand at $1.2 trillion, up 71 per cent from just five years ago and equating to $56,000 for every man, woman and child in the country." Australians spent $19.189 billion on credit and charge cards in October 2009 with the average credit card account balance being $3,141 in October 2009. Australian total credit and charge card balances outstanding stood at $45.153 billion in October 2009. (a.)
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Sources:  HSN Consultants: "The Nilson Report 2016".

List Notes: Data is global credit card brands with the most transactions worldwide. Credit card transaction data is for the year 2014. Net operating revenue is for the year 2014. Data is the latest available as of January 27th, 2016.
Credit Card Brands with the Most Worldwide Transactions

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