The Top 5 Global Producers of Tobacco Leaves

  Country Production (Metric tonnes)
1 China 2,661,000 mt
2 India 701,000 mt
3 Brazil 568,000 mt
4 United States 450,000 mt
5 Turkey 260,000 mt
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  1. One third of all Tobacco is grown in China alone. Over 125 countries grow tobacco on over 4 million hectares of land worldwide.
  2. Since the 1960s, land devoted to tobacco growing has been halved in the USA, Canada and Mexico, but has almost doubled in China, Malawi and United Republic of Tanzania.
  3. The 5 countries listed above produce two thirds of the worlds tobacco
  4. 45% of annual deforestation in Korea is directly attributable to tobacco growing.
  5. Production of tobacco leaves has more than doubled since the 1960s.
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Sources:  World Health Organization: The Tobacco Atlas 2002.

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Global Producers of Tobacco Leaves

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