The Top 5 Countries with the Healthiest Teeth

  Country Average Decayed, Missing or Filled Teeth Decline in Missing, Decayed or Filled Teeth
1 Germany/ United Kingdom 0.7 89.1/ 77.4
2 Denmark/ Luxembourg 0.8 n.a./ 80.0
3 Netherlands/ Switzerland 0.9 81.3/ 70.0
4 Sweden 1.0 68.8
5 Australia/ Belgium/ Ireland 1.1 64.9/ 71.8/ 76.9
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Sources:  OECD: Health at a Glance 2009 OECD Indicators.

List Notes: List is the top five countries with least average number of decayed, missing or filled teeth amongst 12-year-old children, for the year 2006 (which is the latest data available as of April 2015) amongst OECD countries. This list uses the common measure of dental health called the DMFT index. The DMFT index describes the amount of dental caries in an individual through calculating the number of decayed, missing, or filled permanent teeth. Decline in decayed, missing or filled teeth is between the years 1980-2006.
Countries with the Healthiest Teeth

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