The Top 5 Major League Baseball Teams with the Most World Series Wins

  Team World Series Wins Years in League
1 New York Yankees 27 120
2 St. Louis Cardinals 11 129
3 Boston Red Sox 9 120
4 Los Angeles Dodgers 7 131
5 Athletics/ Giants/ Pirates/ Reds 5 120/ 138/ 134/ 131
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  • One of the greatest dynasties in all of sports.
  • Perhaps the greatest American of all time.
  • Another great sports rivalry involving Boston.

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The New York Yankees: An American Dynasty

Babe Ruth: The Man Who Changed Baseball Forever

Between 1919 and 1924, no one dominated and changed a national sport more than George Herman "Babe" Ruth did with American baseball. The generation that lived to see and hear him play are now almost gone, and younger generations may not realize the impact that Babe Ruth had on sport and indeed on an entire nation and to a large degree, the world.

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Sources:  Top 5 of Anything Sports research 2021.

List Notes: Data is the top major league baseball teams with the most World Series wins season ending 2020. "League" refers to the National League.
Major League Baseball Teams with the Most World Series Wins

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