The Top 5 Cities with the Highest Food Prices in the World

  City Cost of 39 Different Food Products
1 Zurich, Switzerland $738 per month
2 Seoul, South Korea $715 per month
3 New York City, USA $632 per month
4 Geneva, Switzerland $623 per month
5 Chicago, USA $586 per month
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Sources:  UBS. CIO Wealth Management Research 2015: “A Comparison of Purchasing Power around the Globe."

List Notes: List is the cost of a shopping cart of food, comprising 39 different products which an average shopper would purchase on a monthly basis including staple foods. The survey takes into account monthly spending for food weighted according to consumption, with important food staples being given a higher weighting. Prices quoted are in U.S. dollars for the year 2015.
Cities with the Highest Food Prices in the World

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