The Top 5 Best Selling Albums of All Time

  Album Artist Estimated Sales
(certified sales)
Highest Charting Singles
1 Thriller
(Nov, 1982)
Michael Jackson 66 million +/-
(47.3 million)
"Billie Jean" , "Beat it",
2 Back In Black
(July 1982)
AC/DC 55 million +/-
(29.4 million)
"You Shook Me all Night Long"
3 Bat Out of Hell
(Oct, 1977)
Meat Loaf 52.7 million +/-
(21.7 million)
"Paradise by a Dashboard Light"
4 The Dark Side of the Moon
(Nov, 1982)
Pink Floyd 47.3 million +/-
(24.4 million)
5 The Bodyguard
(Nov, 1982)
Whitney Houston 45 million +/-
(28.4 million)
"I Will Always Love You."
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Sources:  Top 5 of Anything album sales research 2021.

List Notes: Data is the top 5 best selling albums/ records of all time ranked according to album sales. Please note that albums sold pre-1985 are very difficult to calculate as there were little or no exact methods to calculate the sales of albums or album singles at that time. Numbers are therefore reliable estimates reflected in the +/- symbol. Certified sales is a modern calculation of these album sales once they began to be tracked with more reliable methods.
Best Selling Albums of All Time

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